The story, or it's beginning

the sky is on fire and we live beneath it. it burns the day and turns night to ash. our lives have been raped and our souls taken from us, what we once called home is now nothing but a broken horizon.


this night is on fire. these stars flaming torsos. sparks of fire grew from the darkness and lit the horror that surrounded us.

in corridors and alleyways we fought for our lives, with nobody chasing us and nobody to defend ourselves from all we could do was run. people burst into flames beside us while others were ripped in two like ragdolls in the jaws of rabid dogs. stop to save the child and you could be next. the walls that fenced us crumbled to dust, cracked masonry fell before us as we hurdled the corpses of the unfortunate.

we came to the end of the alley and into a vast clearing, we were stopped in our tracks by the scene in front of us. flashes of lightning lit our path and the hundreds of people in front of us being torn apart. limbs flew through the air and blood rained upon us. panicked and pained faces stretched out for help, flicker, the ground soaked in blood and scorched by fire, buildings collapsed and foundations became unstable, flicker. which way to run nobody knew, to fight through this crowd would be sure death, to return to the alleyway would be suicide. an explosion to our right threw us to the ground and lit the way to our salvation.

a manhole, 20 feet ahead and large enough to fall through. what lies beneath could be no worse than what was out here, so we crawled through the ash and rubble towards it.

streams and rivers of blood poured down and into the dark below. we couldn't see or hear how deep it was but we didn't care. a short drop into knee deep sewage and all we had to fear was what the darkness could throw at us.

when I woke, the others had past out beside me, a faint glow from an opening ahead revealed what we had been lying in. what wasn't shit was blood, and what was blood was as thick as the shit it surrounded.

the hole we had escaped down was quiet, only the wind and the steady waterfall from the streets above made any noise.

the sky was grey, the light was dim, what time it was I had no idea, how long we'd passed it I cannot tell. I crawled from the hole to a sight beyond comprehension. the corpses of a thousand people lay beneath me, what the rats hadn't got to the crows were picking off. in the dim light it was hard to distinguish limb from twisted metal as buildings lay in pieces, their iron framed structures twisted and warped, reaching toward the sky like fingers grasping for air. fires still raged in the distance, great towering stacks of grey smoke scattered on the horizon. the
world was still, but the world was dead.

I fell to my knees and wept. the fright and the adrenalin finally leaving my body to cower and collapse. I fought for breath as my heart imploded and my head squeezed my brain. I lay on my side, curled into a ball, and wept.

this is our story, these are our experiences in the world as it is now. after that night, the apocalypse, Armageddon or whatever you want to call it.

This, is Titus.


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